OHVALE 2020 GP-0 190 NEW *SOLD*


OHVALE 2020 GP-0 190 NEW *SOLD*

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The GP-0 is in fact a new concept, it is not a “pocket bike”, a “Mini GP” nor a “pit bike”, but comes from the desire to design a vehicle that offers the fun and ease of riding of a real motorcycle, and daring racing driving style only professional riders can afford. This small motorcycle, with its purposeful, accessible and playful ergonomics, allows for the extreme riding style of a real racing bike while dramatically reducing the costs and transport inconveniences related to track riding.

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Every component has been carefully designed for this purpose, giving priority to refinement, robustness and riders´ feedback; the true passionate will fall in love admiring the careful construction and finishing touches Made in Italy.

33mm Upside down fork
Monoshock with piggy-back setting Ohvale fully adjustable: hydraulic compression and rebound damping, spring reload wheelbase
Aluminium rear swing arm

Front braking system Formula with monoblock radial caliper with 4 pistons
Rear braking system brand Formula with radial caliper with 2 pistons

Engine 190cc 4 speed 4 stroke, 187, 18cc
Carburetor KEIHIN PE 28

Exhaust pipe in stainless stellundersaddle single silencer Arrow in titanium