Elevate The

A membership at Eleven Motorsports is about more than a place to store or service your bike or car. It’s about personalized service and events that do not exist in the motorsports world otherwise.

A membership with Eleven Motorsports is about experiencing once-in-a-lifetime tracks around the country. It’s about spending quality time with friends doing what you love. It’s about honing your craft and finding a common bond with others who love it as much as you do.

A Membership with Eleven Motorsports is a lifestyle


What’s Included?

Factory Members at Eleven Motorsports enjoy all the perks and privileges we offer, including:

  • Unlimited membership at MSR- Cresson with access to all 1.3, 1.7 and 3.1 member days that Eleven Motorsports is on-site
  • Discounted Session Fees for Member Days
    • Bike set-up
    • Fuel
    • Tire Warmers
    • Pit in and Out
  • Discounted Trackside Support
    • Tech at Pit Wall during entire session conducting safety checks and adjustments
  • Bike storage in secure garage
    • Discounted Storage for additional bikes
    • Bikes get started 2x/month
    • Full cleaning 1x/month
    • Monthly mechanic update on service needs
  • Discounted Service Rate
  • Rider Lounge access with drinks, seating areas, WIFI access, secure locker storage (for additional fee)
  • Priority travel track day access


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